The Stakeholders Involved

Two of the most popular Programmes offered by IIM Bangalore include the 2 year Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) with 400 plus students in a batch, is designed to equip them with necessary leadership and management skillsets for later careers in diverse business scenarios.

And the PGPEM track that allows working professionals ( 70 plus participants ) to acquire essential management skills without leaving their jobs.

The problem of Demand & Scarce Resources

With 70 + elective courses by multiple programmes, IIMB offers a wide variety of options for students to specialize their skills in areas like Marketing, Brand Management, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, Investing, Strategy and so on. These electives might have limited seat availability & in some cases offered by a popular faculty or Industry Leader are on high demand. This can mean most of the popular electives can accommodate maximum of 20% of participants in a batch.

Participants now have to make an informed choice to choose what's best for their careers and carefully balance all the available course options. In B-Schools that practice First Come First Serve option, Luck and Time have to favor the participants.

The EdTex Elective Course Bidding System provides a fair & transparent opportunity for students to bid for courses and win seats in a specified duration using pre-allocated bidding points.

We have solved two major problems for IIMB

  1. Reduced the time of Bidding from several weeks to a single day
  2. Improved the utilization of Course seats across programmes by doing Cross-Programme bidding thus saving Professor’s time in teaching

The scenario of Multi-Programme bidding @ IIMB

We divided the problem of course selection into a couple of steps to accommodate participants in diverse Business Programmes (in this case PGP & PGPEM)

The Round One allowed selection of Electives within Quotas assigned to each Programmes. PGP track had a higher share of seats reserved with respect to Student strength.

Obviously, not all courses are picked up by participants in the first round. So we have Round two of course selection where the factor of Quota is eliminated & participants from both the tracks are free to bid for the available seats.

Following the second round the remaining seats in various modules are up for grabs for the highest bidders, here the highest bid is hidden, and participants can use their remaining bid points. In the event of similar highest bids, the basis of first come first serve is applied to identify the earliest bidders.

Effort Needed

The complete exercise is completed in 90 minutes aided with Real Time information processing, yielded Bidding Results & Reports for students & the administration

Student Experience

Excellent Hassle-Free Elective Course Selection improved the learning experience since 2015 since we first implemented the System at IIM Ahmedabad, followed by IIM Calcutta, IIM Indore and IIM Bangalore. We think the value you get out a business school is exponentially amplified when each and every student is allowed to choose Electives in a fair and Transparent way.

Some Key Insights from EdTex Elective Course Bidding Process
@ IIMB 2019

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