Problem Statement

In Large Private Universities with on campus accommodation go through a manual process to allocate accommodations on first come first basis or through a manual counseling process. With more than 3000 students enrolled in any private universities in India, The room allocation process become tedious and length with a lot of manual effort needed.

And the PGPEM track that allows working professionals ( 70 plus participants ) to acquire essential management skills without leaving their jobs.

Stakeholders Involved

Students who stay on campus for usually a period of 2 to 4 years would be allocated rooms every year as per the availability. Often the accommodation is shared and hence student have high priorities of where to live and with whom they would like to share accommodation.

Hostel Administration especially the chief hostel wardens are responsible for manually executing the process of Hostel room allocation.

The EdTex Elective Course Bidding System provides a fair & transparent opportunity for students to bid for courses and win seats in a specified duration using pre-allocated bidding points.

The solution

Our Hostel bidding online bidding that allows students to form groups and bid for accommodation as groups.

For Universities with more than 5000 students grouping is a solution that allows you to reduce the amount of time invested in Room allocation process. Since each group leader is only allowed to bid in for a shared accommodation using the pre allocated bidding points as per their preferences.

Also Students who refrain from bidding or Universities which like to Implement First Come First Serve on a short notice would be able to use the Random allocation process of the system to allocate rooms


  1. The process of allocation of rooms to students becomes extremely smooth.
  2. The software saves significant amount of time and effort of Hostel Office.
  3. The software makes the process of Room Allocation Fair and Transparent.


OP Jindal Global University.

Both Students and Administration is extremely happy with the software.

Anil Vishwanadhula & Arun Korupolu

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