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How to Enhance Placements Success Rate using EDTEX Skynet Robotic Placement Automation? Case Study from XLRI

Placement Problem Scenario

In Premier B-schools in India, the Placements are conducted through day-process lasting up to a week, usually involving manual coordination of events by the Placement Committee members. With almost up to 75 firms visiting on a single day and 30 companies running their processes simultaneously and upto 500 students moving from one company to the other company, the Placement Operations is a challenging problem.

The complexity of the problems lies in scheduling. Students have preferences towards companies and would like to be interviewed with ideally spaced intervals with a considered list of Top-Consults, Banking, FMCG and Startups. On the other end, companies also have preferences towards students in the form of SHORTLIST, HOTLIST, and SPECIAL REQUEST. This scenario makes the problem of Scheduling an interesting and challenging one.

So, on the day of placements, Time is an important resource both for companies as well as Students to get the best out of the Placement process. GD Scheduling component ensures Students gets to attend more processes which lead to students getting placed in their dream companies. Skynet also ensures that the process of scheduling is Transparent from the Placement Committee perspective.

As indicated by our research in leading B Schools, optimizing the activities of scheduling (through removing the manual tracking process of interview rounds) saves time for recruiters allowing to evaluating more students, leading to dispersing better quality of offers.

The stakeholders involved

In a placement process, the biggest stakeholders are the MBA students & Students from other Management programmes who had invested countless hours to get an admission in the premier B School XLRI Jamshedpur and are focused to get placed in reputed firms in India & Worldwide.

The Student Placement Committee from XLRI who worked tirelessly interacting with recruiters and organize the entire placement day events with limited volunteer resources monitoring the entire spectrum rocket pace of process events

The Premier Schools also pride themselves on their Placement Track record and strive to capture the pie of jobs available in reputed firms for their students every year. With a growing number of business schools, the competition between them to attract the top recruiters is very intense.

The Reputed firms themselves seek suitable talent who could be the future leaders leading their businesses.

Features of EdTex Skynet

Our Robotic Placement Automation Software smoothens the following bottlenecks on the placement day-process

1. Interview Scheduling

2. GD Scheduling

3. Tracking Student Movement

4. Tracking Time

Interview Scheduling

Interview scheduling is a Matching problem between Companies and Students. Since preferences on both sides are known, the system needs to identify the best match of Company – Student pairs among the available Students and Companies.

Most Institutions use physical charts to solve this problem. The limitation of physical charts is that it is not scalable, essential information is not shared smoothly and there is a limit on no. of people who can work on it simultaneously. There is also a huge scope of manual error on physical Charts.

GD Scheduling

EThe goal of GD Scheduling is to ensure students get to see a maximum number of processes on a given Placement day. This is a Maximization Problem where we are trying the maximize the number of processes all the students together can attend. Most Institutions use Charts to solve the problem of GD Scheduling. The limitations with regard to Charts mentioned in Interview scheduling applies here.

In addition to it, there are multiple solutions to Maximization Problem, the manual approach towards GD scheduling may not be the most efficient solution. Last minute changes to the GD specifications nullify the effort put in by the placement team in preparing a static schedule.

Tracking Student Movement

During the placement process, Student is moving from one place to the other. Knowing the location of the student is very critical for the efficient scheduling of students.

Tracking Time

During the placement process, the time spent by the Student in each stage of the workflow should be tracked. This would help create required alerts so that the Placement committee can take the required action. In addition to this, it is also important to track the waiting time of the Company between the processes.

How does Skynet work?

We have built a multiuser system and the following are the different user roles in our system, who prominently include Placement Representative, Front Desk, Company Coordinators. These stakeholders inform students on next rounds, schedule interviews and constantly coordinate with company representatives.

For Scheduling, we use our own custom algorithm to find out the best match for the students as well as the companies at any given time using Skynet features of Virtual charts to automate scheduling & Tracking Student Movements.

Some of the key benefits of EdTex Skynet are summarized as

1. The system helps save precious time of Students, Companies and the Placement team by streamlining the operations

2. Placement Representatives can utilize the time saved on interacting with companies, thus maximizing the offers

3. Real-time reports can be generated and actions can be taken

4. Computation of schedule is automated and is at least 10x times faster

5. The system allows handling 3x times more companies at a time

6. The system ensures all the actions of the Student volunteers auditable

7. KPIs of all the roles can be defined clearly and measurable

8. Allows performing Post process Analytics to evaluate the process efficiency

Summary Insights from Placements Outcomes of 2019 Graduation Batch @ XLRI

EDTEX Customers & Universities

Anil from team EdTex at XLRI Finals Placements week in 2018

EDTEX Customers & Universities

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