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IIM Lucknow achieves 100% final placements in virtual hiring process
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The final placement process for the PGP class of 2021 at IIM Ahemdabad will begin on 2nd March 2021. In a statement, IIM Ahmedabad today said that the institution follows a cluster-cohort placement process wherein companies offering similar profiles are grouped into cohorts, and several cohorts are invited to the campus in a particular cluster.

“Due to the ongoing pandemic related restrictions and social distancing norms, we will be conducting the entire placement process virtually this year. Recruiters and students will be participating in the process virtually,” the IIM said.

The schedule for placements at IIM Ahmedabad this year is as follows:

Cluster 1: 2nd March 2021
Cluster 2: 5th March 2021
Cluster 3: 8th March 2021

IIM A said that the institute will follow a rolling process post Cluster 3 if necessary.

The final placement process for the PGP-FABM class of 2021 at IIM is scheduled for 5th March 2021. The Institute will follow a rolling process post that, if necessary.

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