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Successfully Implementing first Elective Course Bidding Automation at IIM Bangalore


Prof. Abhoy K Ohja (Dean Programmes - IIMB)

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) has subscribed to the Multi-Programme Course Bidding Software (CBS) and Timetable Management Software (TMS)built by WINSPIRE, also known by the brand name 'EDTEX'.

EDTEX has assisted IIMB to successfully automate the Course Bidding and Timetable Scheduling processes, significantly reducing the manual effort of Programme Offices and students, and thus improving the overall resource utilization.

Course Bidding at IIMB involves participation from hundreds of students from IIMB’s degree granting programmes along with international students visiting IIMB for exchange programs. IIMB is able to handle the complex scenarios involved in the Multi-Programme Course Bidding process with the help of CBS.

The students and administrators are happy with the bidding experience through CBS. EDTEX has also assisted to implement a 'data-driven timetable' in a cross-programme scenario, suitably customized to process requirements of IIMB.

Considering faculty preferences and students' course demand, the TMS generates a least-clashing timetable instantaneously. The software also provides an option to integrate and block faculty's Teaching slots in their Outlook calendar.

IIMB is extremely satisfied with the efficient support being provided by the EDTEX team during the Course Bidding rounds and while scheduling the term Timetable.


Anil Vishwanadhula, CEO
MBA - IIM Ahmedabad, B Tech CSE - IIT Guwahati

Arun Korupolu, COO
MS - University of Cologne, MBA - Darmstadt University

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