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Successfully Implementing first Virtual Placements Automation at IIM Lucknow


Prof. Rajesh K Aithal (Placements Chair - IIML)

We are happy to recommend EDTEX Skynet (Placement Automation Software) built by WINSPIRE also known with the brand name "EDTEX". Team EDTEX did a great job in automating the comprehensive placement process of IIM Lucknow.

Skynet helped in streamlining the entire placement process across all the entities: recruiters, students and placement team and facilitated smooth communication flow. Skynet was proactive in terms of understanding the data requirements and their use cases to present them in easy to consume from.

Team EDTEX provided a round the clock support for the Placement committee during the simulations as well as actual placement process. One of the best turnaround times that we witnessed as compared to other Placement vendors in IIM Lucknow. Team was ready to provide the requisite support in the odd-hours of the day which helped in smoothly conducting multiple batch runs before the process day to onboard 500 student batch onto virtual hiring platforms before the actual hiring process.

We really appreciate the way Team EDTEX adopted the new norm of Virtual Placements. The team developed Student, Company Plugins and provided a seamless integration with all VCs. IIML placement portal was well appreciated by both recruiters and students for the simplicity in design and ease of usage. Skynet and team EDTEX helped the placement teams to mitigate the grunt work and eased the transition to e-hiring through multiple long discussions to familiarize with all the use cases.

The Companies, Students, Placement Committee and Institute administration is very satisfied with the services provided by EDTEX Skynet team and strongly recommend them to the prospective clients.


Anil Vishwanadhula, CEO
MBA - IIM Ahmedabad, B Tech CSE - IIT Guwahati

Arun Korupolu, COO
MS - University of Cologne, MBA - Darmstadt University

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