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Successfully Implementing first Elective Course Bidding Automation at IIM Ahmedabad


Prof. Shailesh Gandhi (Dean Programmes - IIMA)

We are happy to recommend the Course Bidding System software, which was developed by our student and alumnus Mr. Anil Kumar Vishwanadhula for IIMA.

This system has been successfully running for the last two terms. The software meets our requirements of transparency through open bidding process and efficiency in processing of real- time bidding transactions.

As a result, our students and the administration at IIMA are very satisfied with the experience of Course selection with the Course Bidding System.


Anil Vishwanadhula, CEO
MBA - IIM Ahmedabad, B Tech CSE - IIT Guwahati

Arun Korupolu, COO
MS - University of Cologne, MBA - Darmstadt University

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