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Prof. Vishal Gupta (Chairperson, PGP Admissions - IIMA)

I am extremely happy to recommend the ‘PGP Admissions Software’ built by WINSPIRE founded by our alumni, Anil Kumar Vishwanadhula. The admissions for the 2019-21 batch of IIM Ahmedabad was successfully handled and completed through the software built by WINSPIRE, also known by the brand name EDTEX.

EDTEX did an excellent job of integrating and automating all the activities of our admissions process including shortlisting, scheduling of personnel interviews and generating the list of final selected candidates in an extremely user-friendly product. The software saved a significant amount of time and effort of the admissions office and made the entire admission process transparent and auditable. The software also includes support for addressing RTI queries.

Based on the interactions I have had with Anil and his team, I feel that they are very sincere towards their work and their understanding of the software development process is very strong. During the whole process of software development, the EDTEX team was able to grasp issues that touched on several areas and were able to prioritise activities correctly. They worked with great dedication and initiative at all times and completed the software development on time.

I have been particularly impressed with the promptness with which our queries and concerns were addressed by the EDTEX team. All our queries were answered promptly and to our utmost satisfaction. The EDTEX team was willing to work with us overtime to ensure that all the admission process deliverables were completed on time. Also, | found the team was always willing to get their results verified and cross-validated. They were transparent and fair in their communications and functioning at all times.

As a result, the admissions office of IIMA is very satisfied with the experience of working with EDTEX for the development of PGP Admissions Software. The office looks forward to working with them in future too. I strongly recommend their services to prospective clients.


Anil Vishwanadhula, CEO
MBA - IIM Ahmedabad, B Tech CSE - IIT Guwahati

Arun Korupolu, COO
MS - University of Cologne, MBA - Darmstadt University

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