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In 2015 Anil received a call from the Dean of IIM Ahmedabad asking us if we would develop an Elective Course Bidding software that could exponentially improve the experience of students selecting elective courses.

Anil by then working as a Programme Manager at Microsoft developed the first version of Course Bidding Software (CBS) that was successfully implemented at IIM Ahmedabad and CBS is currently being used by around 10,000 students at Top 100 business and law schools in the world.

By 2016, the idea of establishing EDTEX brand was born and was created under the umbrella of the WINSPIRE educational solutions organization.

EDTEX since 2015 has transformed itself into a leading AI-enabled process automation provider at leading Technical Universities, Business Schools, and Law Schools.

Some of the key milestones of EDTEX include conducting the first successful virtual placements using our SKYNET during the peak of the COVID pandemic in 2020 at IIT Bombay for 5000 + students along with Top 10 business schools in India.

Demonstrating our leadership in online course bidding, we helped conduct a simultaneous elective bidding process for 3000 plus students at OP Jindal Global University that involved students from different schools participating in a two-hour window.

In the process of our growth we had heavily invested in the Research and Development of AI-enabling algorithms that belong to our Process Optimization, Scheduling optimization, User Experience Enhancement classes.

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