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Prof. Shailesh Gandhi
Dean Programmes


Prof. Abhoy Ojha
Dean Programmes


Prof. Vishal Gupta
PGP Admissions Chair


Prof. Uday Damodaran
Former Placements Chair

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Customer 360°

We help our customers succeed in implementing Academic Process automation by allowing them consider all the stakeholder requirements, helping them to make data-driven decisions in strategic planning, quality improvement, resource allocation, scheduling to improve end-user experience exponentially.


EDTEX Artificial Intelligence

A.I. as we know can transform Higher Education Institutions to improve their quality of offerings, become learner-centric using a data-driven decision-making approach during their next strategic expansion phases. Our understanding of process bottlenecks led to creation of advanced A.I. tools, that power academic process efficiencies by 10X.


AI-Driven Process Automation

Significant manual effort is required In Academic Process execution.Processes can automated with AI-powered algorithms to deliver decision outcomes that are comparable or superior to humans decisions. A.I. enables Academic institutions to become more efficient in implementing cost control and improve quality of outcomes of complex processes.


Product Features that enable Automation


Instant Deployment

Our SaaS technology platforms have been extensively tested in a Real-Time environment by thousands of users. The systems are ready to be deployed in a couple of hours or days with required user Customizations.


On-Demand Support

Dedicated customer support is provided through Email, Phone, and Video conference to help you during the execution of critical processes of Admissions, Placements, Elective Course Bidding, Timetable Scheduling.


Data Security

We comply with all the custom data security requirements of our clients and safeguard all the master data with the best in industry practices following regulatory compliance and standards.


Easy Integration

Our systems can be easily integrated with existing ERP platforms like Oracle and SAP. API Integration allows transferring process automation I/O data with the master databases in real-time.


Analytics Reporting

We facilitate Institutions & students make data-driven decisions during process execution. Our Analytics reports provide real-time insights and help analyse the overall outcomes of various processes at a granular level detail.


Real-time Tracking

Process Automation allows extracting process-related information in real-time while executing business critical activities such as Course Bidding, Programme Admissions, Placements etc.

How can EDTEX help you?

#1 Most Popular Course Bidding Software is used by 10,000 + students Top 100 Business Schools

#1 in India - Skynet Skynet is the Most successful Placements Automation Platform is used by 5000 + students and 200+ MNC’s

#1 Ai Powered TMS - Most efficient Timetable Scheduling Software is used by Top 50 Business schools saving countless hours and costs.

#1 ADS - The only Admissions Automation Platform for PGP/MBA programmes admitting students from CAT & GMAT stream used by IIM Ahmedabad

#1 EPAS - The only Study Exchange Automation Platform connecting 100 + Business schools worldwide

#1 SIS - Cloud Information System allows seamless data integration between academic processes systems to generate cross-process analytical insights


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