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Make Complex IIM Admission Process Effortless, Transparent & Auditable
Admissions Automation Software

Automates the key activities of Admission process such as Importing CAT Data, Generating Shortlist based on Institute Criteria, Scheduling applicants for GD/PIs and normalizing the GD/Interview scores to generate Final Primelist and Waitlist.

EdTex ADS Product features

Generate Shortlist in a few hours

EdTex Admissions Software imports CAT Data in a few minutes, generates rating score for applicants based on the 10th Standard score, 12th Standard score, Bachelor score, Work Experience score and Diversity score. Shortlist is then generated after considering applicants qualifying the min CAT Scores and also meeting the Reservation guidelines. There is built-in auto-validation process along with comprehensive reports to validate the generated Shortlist. This entire process can be completed in half a day.

GD/PI Scheduling is never so easy

EdTex Admissions Software considers the preferred cities of the applicants and the Panel sizes at various locations & dates and generates GD/PI schedule based on the matching algorithms. The schedule can be modified by the Admissions office on a request basis. EdTex Admissions provides all the necessary reports for validation of certificates and to conduct the GD/PI process smoothly.

The Final Race begins here

This is the final stage where final score is each applicant is computed here based on CAT Score, Past Academic performance and GD/PI/AWT performance. Wherever applicable, scores are normalized and biases are eliminated. The scores at every intermediate stage are populated and downloadable in the reports to ensure thorough validation of scores. Ultimately, Primelist and Waitlist is generated based on the final scores of applicants.

Respond to RTI Queries with ease

From Day-1, EdTex Admissions Software is built keeping in mind the Transparency and Audit Requirements. EdTex Admissions Software has a built-in RTI report module that provides complete details of selection/dis-qualification of the applicant which can be downloadable as PDF.

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