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Make Elective Course Bidding Efficient, Transparent & Student + Programme Office friendly
Course Bidding Software (CBS)

Addressing all the MBA and Law students in premier business School you can Increase your winning chances of High Demand & Popular Elective Courses by 90% using EDTEX Course Bidding Software (CBS).

CBS is a cloud-based platform that allows Real-Time Bidding (& supports Closed bidding) for elective Courses. CBS is customizable as per the University Process requirement & ready to be deployed in a short duration.

CBS is being used by Ten Thousand plus students from Interdisciplinary backgrounds across Premier Top 100 Business Schools, Top 100 Law Schools, and Universities.

EdTex CBS Product features

Supports implementing Real-Time and Closed Bidding Processes

Course Bidding Software allows Real-Time Open Bidding and supports a closed bidding process as well. The software provides key insights on the demand for each course in real-time to all the participants of the bidding.

Allowing Participants to make a data-driven decision while allocating, changing their bid currencies amount in the course auction process. CBS thus allows transparent allocation of course seats.

At present students across various premier business schools & law schools, universities can complete the elective course selection process for a term and an entire academic year in a matter of fewer than 2 hours. Before automation elective course allocation when done manually would have taken at least a week and involved significant manual processing of data.

The Course Bidding Software also supports an extensive Add & Drop Round process to enable automated notifications on seat availability to waitlisted students in high-demand courses.

Course Bidding Software - The Market Leader

Robust Performance

EDTEX CBS is designed to Handle Real-Time Bidding with more than 500 (in fact close to 3500 students at Jindal Global University use it simultaneously). Handles multiple Programme bidding simultaneously.

From a process efficiency perspective, CBS reduces the elective course selection duration to a couple of hours, can handle multiple programme bidding with common elective courses, can integrate timetable data, and implement clashes, reducing the burden on resource allocation on B-Schools Administrations.

Critical Insights on your Finger Tips

Easy to use and transparent interface allows displaying critical insights on Winning Bids, Minimum Bids, facilitating developing strategies on optimal bidding without wasting bidding currency on few courses. Rather students can Aim & Win a majority of favorite courses with optimal bidding strategies in Real-Time.

Facilitates Process Audit & Transparency

Programme Offices can obtain the Elective Course Bidding Results & Reports within minutes of successful round completion. Detailed reports at the Student level, Course level, Semester level, and Programme level could be obtained and analyzed.

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