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Make Elective Course Bidding Efficient, Transparent & Student friendly
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Increase your Course Winning Chances by 90% using EdTex Course Bidding System (CBS). CBS is a cloud based platform that allows Real Time Bidding for elective Courses, is customizable & ready to be deployed and be instantly used by thousands of MBA students across Premier Business Schools.

EdTex CBS Product features

Allows implementing Real Time Bidding Strategy

CBS allows Real Time Open Bidding for elective Courses where Demand for each course is known to all the participants. CBS allows transaparent allocation of course seats. Currently used by thousands of MBA & non MBA students across Premier Business Schools & Private Universities in India, our cloud based system is totally customizable as per individual institution requirements & is ready to deploy in a moments notice.

Robust Performance

EdTex CBS is designed to Handle Real Time Bidding with more than 500 Participants at once, successfully handles more than 15 million transactions. From a process efficiency perspective, it reduces the elective course selection duration to a couple of hours, reducing burden on Professors, B Schools Administrations & Students.

Critical Insights on your Finger Tips

Easy to use and transparent interface allows displaying critical insights on Winning Bids, Minimum Bids, facilitating developing strategies on optimal bidding without wasting bidding points on few courses. Rather Aim & Win a majority of your favourite courses with optimal bidding in Real Time.

Facilitates Process Audit & Transparency

Avail Elective Course Bidding Results & Reports within minutes of successful round completion. The reporting feature of EdTex CBS allows administration to further develop or integrate the elective course bidding result data with developing course timetables.

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