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Exchange Programme Automation Software (EPAS)
Exchange Programme Automation Software

Exchange Programme Automation System(EPAS) is a single stop-solution for both Incoming and Outgoing Exchange students. For Incoming exchange students, it covers the nomination, student registation and course selection process. For Outoing exchange students, it covers the selection based on Academic performance and Extra-curricular, and subsequent documentation required for Visa and Travel.

EdTex EPAS Product features

Automation of Nomination & Selection Workflow

EPAS allows Student Exchange Office to add Universities along with POCs. POCs then nominate students to partner university, student fill in the necessary details and partner university does thorough checks and accept the students. This entire process is integrated with Email automation and the workflow runs smoothly.

Integrated Course Selection for Exchange Students

Incoming Exchange students are taken through the Bidding Software, EdTex CBS in most cases and are asked to bid for courses in a Transparent manner. The entire course selection gets completed in a few hours.

Fair and Transparent Selection for Outgoing students

For outgoing exchange students, there is fair amount of competition when it comes to top-universities across the globe. There is a need for Fair and Transparent selection process. EdTex EPAS supports a Rating Score mechanism for students interested in Exchange programme. Students are asked to give preferences to various universities and selection happens based on the Rating Score and Preference of the students.

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