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The World’s best Hostel Bidding System for Premier Universities
Hostel Bidding Software

EdTex Hostel Bidding software facilitates hassle free Hostel room allocation. Students can bid online by forming groups or even individually take any allocated room randomly provided by the system.

EdTex Hostel Bidding System (HBS) Product features

Grouping of Students

Students have the option to form Preferred groups even before they enter actual bidding for shared rooms, they are interested in. Thus, the system allows taking students preferences in mind, saving time on university counseling process for hostel room bidding.

Preferential Room Bidding

Group Leaders among the student groups will now have the option to bid for preferred rooms using the bid points allocated to them. The highest bidder for a particularly shared room wins.

Random room allocation

A small minority opt out of the bidding process and are usually open to take up any room, as allocated by the administration. In this scenario again the random room allocation process also.

Effort Optimization

Hostel Room allocation is a universal problem for large educational institutes, wherein a lot of time and effort is spent on counseling and allocation every academic year as per student choices. EdTex HBS allows room allocation as according to the interests of student groups and individual while adhering to the rule and regulations of University Residences.

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