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SKYNET - Placements Automation Software

EdTex Skynet Placement Automation System improves the quality of placement day interview experience & assists in increasing the total number of Placement Offers. Skynet Is a cloud-based platform that allows Real-Time tracking of the placement process, reduces the error-prone manual workload on the Placecom team. Allowing hundreds of MBA students attend 2x more interviews and propotionally allows increasing the total number of the Placement offers.

EdTex Skynet Product features

Effective Interview scheduling is the secret sauce

With over 70 MNC’s visiting a campus on a single day, scheduling interview with hundreds of students parallely has now become easy for the placecom members. The scheduling feature of Skynet considers student preferences for a particular MNC and the recruiters preferences for a particular set of students while scheduling interviews and makes the entire process transparent & seamless.

Tracking Schedules & avoiding clashes

The feature of virtual charts in Skynet allows planning and implementing schedules and tracking changes in a real time, with minimal effort, for the placement team and company representatives. Thereby enabling increase Process efficiency by atleast 10X times and allows handling 5X more Recruiters.

Tracking Candidates with Global Eye

With multiple rounds of Job selection interviews and multiple companies to interview for. The interview day becomes a roller coaster ride for hundreds of Job aspirants. Skynet allows tracking & helping each candidate to progress to the next level or the next interview location seamlessly. Thereby allowing Recruiters to interview more candidates, so does each candidate’s list of opportunities also increase with the more number of interviews they could attend within the time-frame.

Facilitates Process Audit & Transparency

Avail Skynet Scheduling, Tracking and Results & with KPI Reports in Real Time to measure the effectiveness of the processes. The reporting feature provides access to all process data to the Administration and key Placecom monitors.

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