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The World's best Timetable Scheduler for Premier Institutions
EDTEX Timetable Management Software (TMS)

EDTEX Timetable management software facilitates hassle-free and clash-free scheduling & rescheduling of classes, events under multidimensional constraints scenarios and is powered by A.I. enabling SO class of Scheduling algorithms.

In 2021 a complex problem like Multi Programme Timetable Scheduling can be solved in a matter of minutes for the Administration.

EdTex Timetable Management System (TMS) Product features

In premier business schools, law schools, and graduate schools tens of individual courses are offered in a given semester.

The Higher education institutions need to schedule classes as per the availability of Professors & the demand of students for each and course. EDTEX innovative SO - Class of algorithms allows performing automatic scheduling in a matter of seconds considering

    1. Considering the max class size, Available Lecture Weekdays

    2. Preferences of students towards available courses and

    3. Preferences of faculty towards available class slots.

EDTEX TMS also allows developing variations of Timetables with minimum or no clashes at all.

Eliminate Time Table Clashes while Rescheduling Events

Rescheduling and making space for unplanned events such as guest speaker sessions or scheduling a few extra classes or quizzes can now be handled without a hassle. Our innovative SO - Class of algorithms takes care of incorporating additional unplanned events and tries minimizing overall clashes to already scheduled students.

Transparency with Tracking

When Timetables are updated, updates can be immediately notified to all stakeholders like the faculty, administration, and the students immediately.

Effort Optimization

Timetable Scheduling is a universal problem for large educational institutes, wherein a lot of time (hundreds of man hours) and effort is spent on minimizing course clashes. EDTEX TMS allows preparing scheduling with minimal or no conflicts in a matter of a couple of minutes. Allowing better planning for the entire academic years, at premier B Schools like IIM Bangalore and SPJIMR Mumbai.

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